Bulk Brewer Bravilor - 2 X 10Lt BBB2010

R 71,622



  • Ideal for busy institutions to produce large quantities of coffee in short periods of time .
  • easy to use
  • Total and daily counters , digital control panel,
  • direct brewing into individual electric or insulated containers
  • Easy to transport for coffee to be served anywhere at anytime
Product Specifications
  • Output: Approx. 60L An Hour/ 480Cups
  • Holding Capacity :20Lt (2x10L)
  • Brewing Time :Approx 10Lt in 10Min
  • Power :6.1kW-400V
  • Dimensions :955x512x840mm
Additional Information:
  • Water Connection
  • Without Brewing Basket
  • For use with filter paper
  • WDA6

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