Collection: Refrigeration Equipment

Supermarkets use a combination of these equipment and systems 
1. Food Preservation: Refrigeration helps keep perishable foods.
2. Product Display: It allows for an attractive presentation.
3. Energy Efficiency: Proper refrigeration systems help reduce energy costs.
4. Food Safety: Refrigeration prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and pathogens.
Equipment commonly used in a supermarket refrigeration system includes
1. Display Cases, open refrigerators, end cases, reach-in coolers, and freezers  2. Walk-in Coolers and Freezers.  3. Refrigerated Display Islands.  4. Refrigeration Condensers and Evaporators.  5. Compressors and Condenser,  Evaporator Fans.  7. Temperature and Humidity Control.  8. Shelving and Racking: Essential for organizing and displaying products within refrigerated cases and freezers. 9. Lighting: Efficient LED lighting.