Splash Back Table 1100mm S/Steel Legs EZPR1003O7

R 5,654


  • The top is manufactured from 1.2mm 304 No.4 P.V.C coated stainless steel
  • The rear shall have a 150 mm vertical splash back with a 20 mm return and a 10 mm turndown - Where applicable
  • 1.6 mm mild steel under sheet epoxy coated
  • Vermin proof bitumen deadening compound is applied between the stainless steel and mild steel
  • Angle iron frame work - Epoxy coated
  • 42mm 304 stainless steel legs
  • Corner gussets are fitted with 48 mm tubing and M10 bolts to accommodate removable leg
  • 2 x 20 mm Stainless steel square tubing welded to legs at 250 mm to accommodate shelfs
  • 12660 x 650 x 900mm
  • A 1100m pack size  1120 x 765 x 295mm
  • weight 26kg
  • WDA40

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