AC Surge Protector 40KA FLY-PV-C40 EA-AS-001

R 623


  • Features
  • Maximum discharge current (8/20μs): 40 kA
  • Nominal discharge current (8/20μs): 20 kA
  • FLY1-PV-C40 is the series of devices that provide advanced over-voltage protection to photovoltaic systems by utilizing optimized dynamic thermal disconnection system, which does not require additional overcurrent protection (back-up fuse) due to its high short-circuit withstand rating. These surge protective devices are suitable for all PV applications: large-scale, rooftop and self-consumption (off-grid) DC installations.
  • UC :1000VDC
  • IN:20KA (8/20us)
  • IN Max:40KA (8/20us)
  • UP :≤ 3.8Kv
  • WDA60

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