80A MTTP Solar Charge Controller ESC80

R 4,186


  • max efficiency : 98%
  • battery capacity : 240ah- 1600ah
  • max rated charging current : 80A
  • rated battery voltage : 48v
  • system voltage : 12/24/36/48v
  • PV working input range : 60v/150v
  • equalization charge voltage :  56,8v/+1v
  • float charge voltage : 54.4+1v
  • overcharge : 41v+1v
  • max output DC : 40A
  • display LED digital 
  • dimsions : 260x215x90mm
  • alarm mode: sound, light alarm
  • a solar charger controller is a solar powered voltage and current regulator 
  • they are used in off grid hybrid off grid applications to regulate power input
  • from PV arrays to deliver optimum power to run electrical loads
  • and charge batteries.
  • WDA60

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