5000 LPH Reverse Osmosis Industrial System

R 502,781


  • Produces 4000Ltrs per hour
  • 1x 5x40" standard housings
  • 2x 8040 Stainless Steel Membrane Housing
  • 4x 4040 Membrane
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • 1x Vertical Multistage Pump
  • 5000 Litres Per Hour Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Compared with the common ion exchange and distilling method, the RO membrane water purification system is more efficient, cost-saving, and reliable.
  • The reverse osmosis system is currently the most sophisticated water filtration technology.
  • The reverse osmosis membrane retains inorganic molecules such as dissolved salts and organic substances with a molecular weight greater than 100.
  • On the other hand, water molecules can pass through the reverse osmosis membrane freely, and desalination is 96%-99% It is widely applied in electronics, power, photo-voltaic, beverage, medicine, chemical, petroleum industries, middle water recycling, and seawater desalination, etc

  • WDA47

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