10G/Hr Ozone Generator QLA-10GW

R 7,212


  • Ozone is a powerful oxidant and bactericide. Lately, it is widely used in air and water disinfection & sterilization in different fields such as fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping, drinking water purification, room air purifying, etc.
  • Description

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 140W
  • Injection Range: 0-200m3
  • Ozone Concentration: 15-25g/m3
  • Unit Dimensions: 32cm x 25cm x 41cm
  • Package Dimensions: 41cm x 33cm x 47cm
  • Net Weight: 8.8kg
  • Gross Weight: 10kg
  • Cooling Way: Air Cooling
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Gas Feeding: Air Source
  • Air Pump Model: Air Pump 16L x 2
  • Outer Flow: 32L
  • Chassis Material: Carbon Steel Spray Painted
  • Cooling Fans: 38W/15cm x 15cm x 5cm
  • Functions
  • Efficiently destroy a variety of bacteria and viruses, but without secondary pollution.
  • Effectively remove residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
  • Eliminate mold, smoke, and remove bad odor.
  • Improve the oxygen level for air and water.
  • Purifies the air and expedites human metabolism. Removes skin pore dirt, bacteria, and prevent freckles, acne, and pigmentation.

Operating Environment

  • Ambient Temperature: -10˚C ~37˚C
  • Ambient Humidity: ≤55%
  • There should be no flammable or explosive gas and conductive power dust in the room. It is not permittable to install the unit in a place where alkaline air is easy to leak or with a risk of an explosion that could occur.
  • The ground for equipment installation must be horizontal, and the equipment should be placed on the ground or steady supports
  • There must be a draft fan or air conditioner to keep the air dry and the operating environment in good ventilation.

Safety Notes

  • This series of products use a 220V/50Hz AC power source. If the voltage and frequency fluctuation range is heavy, this may cause damage and equipment failure.
  • The power cord plugs should keep in contact with the socket firmly. If not, this may cause abnormal electricity usage, and even cause electrocution.
  • Users should regularly check the power cord, and avoid standing or putting heavy objects on the power cord.
  • Please don’t use the unit in an environment that contains explosive products.
  • In operation, the machine uses high voltage. Don’t open the back door or touch the inside of the unit when it’s plugged in.
  • Avoid inside contact with water as this will damage the unit.
  • WDA47

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