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Filter Cartridges

Ceramic Filter |
R 1,200.00
R 1,200.00
Ceramic Filter
Sediment & Carbon 2in1 |
Sediment & Carbon 2in1
Big Bubba Filter |
R 1,200.00
R 1,200.00
Pleated cartridges are recommended for typical water filtration applications to remove sediment, hard solids and when high efficiency filtration is required. We offer a wide...
Mineral Water Pot Filter 17L |
Mineral Water Pot Filter 17L
Mineral Water Pot Filter |
Dome Ceramic Filter The ceramic filter is made of highly compressed ceramic diatomic substances, it has a very tiny porous structure of 0.2um less than...
STD Pleated Filter 10inch |
Surface Filters (Pleated Filters) are made in a thin sheet so that only the surface captures sediment particles. These are known in the market place as...
Granular Activated Carbon |
Function: Highly effective filtration of water  for certain Chlorine, odor and improve taste. To keep your filter system operating effectively, replace this cartridge annually or...
Activated Carbon-Coal Based |
Function: CTO Carbon block filters are made from activated carbon and its specific function is the chemical adsorption of impurities and contaminants in drinking water....
Sediment Filter |
R 22.80
R 22.80
Function: Polypropylene filter for removal of sands, silt, dirt and dust particles. Major series of high efficiency, low pressure drop, special liquid filtering cartridge. Character:...