Alternative and Sustainable Essentials for the Hospitality, Catering and Restaurant Industry

Alternative and Sustainable Essentials for the Hospitality, Catering and Restaurant Industry

With cost-effective power and off-grid solutions and water security options, from WeDoAll.

The hospitality, catering and restaurant industry has had no shortage of major business disruptors in the last two years, with COVID-19 having been the chief contributor in the space in the face of Government sanctioned lockdowns and ongoing restrictions. This is shortly followed by the ripple effect of continued load shedding throughout South Africa as well as concerns around water supply availability and the quality of water. 

From a hospitality, catering and restaurant perspective, all these aspects translate into a very harsh reality where the industry has had to take its operational process and business model back to the drawing board to find alternative solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective and functional, despite the adversity, while remaining fully compliant with health and safety regulatory standards. This is no small feat by any stretch of the imagination and requires the help and guidance of an industry stalwart that is able to assist with innovative solutions on all these levels.  

To this end, WeDoAll supports the hospitality, catering and restaurant industry with a comprehensive selection of off-grid, gas and water technology equipment that are aimed at enabling environmentally friendly and sustainable business functionality that is reliable.


Gas is an efficient and convenient alternative to electrical powered equipment - it is reliable, hugely cost effective and can be mobile when required

From a hospitality, catering and restaurant perspective this makes gas a ‘must-have’ in the context of operating a business in the hospitality, catering and restaurant industries at present. An added advantage to utilising gas equipment is that it provides instant heating capability and serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil-fueled electrical options. 


At WeDoAll, we have an extensive range of gas equipment to choose from that will help you to increase your operational productivity in addition to lowering costs. 

Our selection ranges from fridges and freezers, through to gas fryers, broilers, ovens and stoves. Gas equipment provides an off-grid solution to most functions within the hospitality, catering and restaurant industry and includes:

WeDoAll continue to impress with their vast range of Off Grid Solutions

Which are accessible to everyone and anyone who is interested in finding an alternate solution to power challenges from private homes to industrial kitchens.

As South Africa’s power grid remains under pressure, many companies that are operational in the hospitality, catering and restaurant industry are opting for off-grid solutions. These solutions are often scalable, making it an ideal investment that can be built upon. And while the initial cost can be overwhelming, the long-term benefit of having an off-grid solution translates into a reliable power supply. 

Electricity costs have been increasing at staggering rates in recent years and are set to continue its upward trend on an annual basis. With the average electricity tariff increase now reaching double-digit status, it is fast becoming a burden on an organisation’s overhead costs. Off-grid solutions provide an alternative option that will ultimately reduce operational costs in the long-run by allowing your business to operate independently from the power grid. 

At WeDoAll, we understand that the hospitality, catering and restaurant industry are in need of practical alternative solutions that range from batteries, through to generators and solar solutions that can be tailored to suit the needs of private homes right through to industrial-sized kitchens. 


Our off-grid and solar solutions include:


Water Technology is fast becoming an industry of high priority with innovation and leadership required to maintain quality and constant supply throughout Africa

We live in a water-scarce country where water is a precious resource. As a result, there are many solutions available in this space that provide innovative solutions to maintain the quality and supply of water in the hospitality, catering and restaurant industry. 


At WeDoAll, we offer a diverse and valuable selection of water technology solutions making sure that the water utilised in your daily operations are safe and available. 

These include an array of different water filtration systems, reverse osmosis, UV sterilisation and ozone machines right through to every possible water dispenser your business might need. 


The hospitality, catering and restaurant industry can reduce its carbon footprint by actively planning for the implementation of off-grid solutions, gas equipment and the implementation of water technology solutions. 

Not only will it save costs in the long-run, but it will also ensure that your business is operational, despite any basic service delivery shortcomings, while embracing a much more sustainable business model that is friendly to our earth. 

Large-scale off-grid, gas and water technology systems generally require installation by professionals in the field, to ensure optimum functionality. This is a service that is offered by WeDoAll and extends to after sales support and servicing of your off-grid, gas and water technology equipment so that your business can run smoothly. We know that this is a priority at a time where alternative and sustainable solutions are increasingly in the spotlight to build environmentally friendly businesses that are able to function independently . 

There is a massive shift in focus currently taking place, where organisations are being urged by the professional community and individuals to pursue avenues of operation that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Consumers are also becoming more aware of the need for environmentally friendly practices and are supporting organisations that embrace it. 

Whether you are thinking of upgrading your off-grid, gas and water technology equipment or the installation of a new solution, our flexible payment options can help you make your business aspirations a reality. If you see anything online that your business may need, the team will check availability before the order is processed. Your order can be shipped to any location at a fee – countrywide - or you can opt to collect your equipment from our store in Pretoria West. Our payment options include card payment using Payflex or EFT payments.


Please visit our website to view our expansive off-grid, gas and water technology equipment selection at or contact our team on 087 353 4234.
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