Toaster Flat Plate TSA5009

R 5,515


Toaster Anvil – Panini Delux Non Stick 9 slice TSA5009



  • POWER: 1.97kW
  • VOLTAGE: 230V
  • COOKING SURFACE: 330 x 355mm
  • DIMENSIONS: 355 x 466 x 327mm
  • WEIGHT: 14kg
  • 2 year Guarantee
  • certified food safe teflon coating 
  • optimally balanced heat to ensure even toasting
  • adjustable top plate for variety of product thickness
  •  ribbed top and flat bottom for a more sophisticated sandwich presentation
  • detachable drip cup to collect excess fat
  • independent plate control enables operator to use as a flat top only
  • while the top plate is switched off
  • mechanically tested durable handle assembly
  • operating temperature range 50c - 240c
  • WDA6

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