420Lt Cake Display Fridge CDF3701

R 70,704.30


  • Cake Display Fridge  – 420 Lt Longoni (Bronze) CDF3701
  • Product Specifications
  • this great looking illuminated unit is from Longoni in Italy
  • it has 5 rotating shelves and 1 mirror shelf at the bottom
  • it has tropicalised compressor and condenser which makes it suitable to operate at warmer temperature as in Africa
  • the unit is fitted with valve in the glass that enables it to operate at higher altitudes
  • environmentally friendly gas R404 
  • anodised aluminium frame
  • the temperature is controlled electronically, this is an accurate and reliable method as opposed to the mechanical thermostat used by competitors
  • the static refrigeration system has no fan and raws air through an evaporator at the top of the unit preventing any drying or product damage 
  • double glazed glass prevents condensation 
  • Dimensions:700x650x1900mm
  • Voltage:230V 50Hz
  • Capacity : 420 Lt
  • Weight :170Kg
  • Power : 0.58kw , 220v- 240v ,50Hz
  • Temp : +2dc to +10dc
  • this unit is ideal for any area where the display of refrigerated products are required , the rotating shelves will stop when the door is opened 
  • the unit has a power saving function that allows you to turn off the rotating shelves and the display lights maintaining the refrigeration temperature 

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