Fiamma Compass Dual Boiler 2gr 3 (white) FMC2DB-W-3

R 89,548


Fiamma Compass Dual Boiler 2gr 3 (white) FMC2DB-W-3

  • System with independent boilers
  • 1 coffee water boiler for each group
  • 1 main boiler for hot water
  • Stand-by function (adjustable per time and temperature)
  • Sequential heating
  • Possibility to deactivate unused groups and boilers
  • Construction design of fiamma group head with static pre-infusion chamber that guarantees an even and gentle brewing
  • Work are with raised groups that allows use of up to 18 cm high
  • Perfect for tea production
  • adjustable hot water portions for each group with temperature control
  • LED light for an attractive look and good working conditions in generous operating area
  • Heat insulated ergonomic steam wands so the barista can touch at anytime
  • without scalding
  • Assisted production of steam and foam with temperature probe , for perfect cappuccino , latte
  • The barista has electronic control over the water steam boiler and the coffee boilers .
  • the pacific allows to precisely define the brewing temperature on each group
  • the display makes it easy to adjust and control all parameters at any moment
  • Size: 750 x 600 x 590mm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • 2 Tall cups
  • 0.8l/2kw
  • 10.5l/3kw
  • 2 cool to touch
  • Power: 3.5kw - 5.5kw
  • Power supply | 220v - 240v/ 400v - 2 N
  • WDA36


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