350mm Curvent Pinnacle Turbines CTP350

R 1,300


  • The Curvent Pinnacle ventilator is a natural roof turbine ventilator
  • offering continuous ventilation with no operating costs, 
  • theturbine heads starts spinning when heat is extracted through the turbine throat.
  • The spinning turbine head, assisted by the wind, creates an extraction vortex improving indoor air quality, 
  • The ventilator is designed to fit any roof profile
  • The Curvent Pinnacle roof ventilator is guaranteed for 5 years and is renowned for its extremely robust construction.
  • its continuous natural ventilator the most cost effective system to naturally
  • ventilate any buildingavailalbe in slope mounted units or ridge mounted units, the low profile construction and curved blades offer appealing aesthetic
  • Throat dimensions : 250 mm
  • Overall height : 440
  • Head dimension : 370
  • Base Plate Dimension : 400
  • Maximum installation angle : 45 degrees
  • Estimated Rate of extraction at 15km/h Wind speed : 1400m3/h
  • Box dimension : W 460 mm x L 460 mm x H 510mm
  • WDA27


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