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Carpet Machine K352 10004(smc)

Carpet Machine K352 10004(smc)

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  • A high-powered carpet cleaning machine that are mainly intended for industrial use. It has 2 two-stage motors and a Flojet water pump.
  • Directions for use:
  • 1) Fill up the clean water tank with clean water, the deep and wide tank on the side of the machine.
  • (This is a very important note! The water needs to be exceptionally clean. No dust particles, no used buckets, it needs to be washed! The tank has a filter, but dust is microscopic and the filter only macroscopic). Mix the water with the low foam powder in a bucket before you fill up the tank with it, otherwise the filter can get clogged and the pump will burn out and you WILL NEED TO REPLACE IT.
  • Dilution is half a teacup powder to a 20-liter bucket
  • 2) Ensure both the lids are firmly placed on the two rectangular holes next to each other on the top. If the lids are not present, there will be no suction in the hose later on. The shallow hole needs to be clean and dry, otherwise the motors will not switch on.
  • 3) Make sure the drain valve on the side of the machine is closed firmly. If it is open, there will be no suction in the pipe later on.
  • 4) Switch on the Flojet pump. This can be done by using the small indented switch-board at the down-right of the rear of the machine. Flip the third switch up
  • 5) You should hear a quick repetitive sound, then it will stop. This is the pump filling up with the water.
  • 6a) Connect the suction hose to the machine. Firstly, force the cuff over the grey pipe at the top of the machine.
  • 6b) Secondly, take the small blue pipe and grip the brass metal component on the machine at the lower-rear and push it back. As long as the part is pressed back, the small component on the blue pipe will fit in, and then let go of the brass component and the blue pipe should be connected to the machine
  • 7) With the one end of the pipe connected, now connect the other end of it. Choose either the floor tool or hand tool. Self descriptive, the floor tool is used for standing, thus for a carpet. The hand tool is mostly used for furniture. Use the same method as described before to connect the hose.
  • 8) With all the parts connected and in place, time to get to work. We will be using the floortool. Point the tool at the carpet, and press the blowgun-lever near your hand. There will be a spreader beam of water coming from the front of the tool.
  • 9) Do not soak the carpet, but do not leave it too dry. It needs to be wet enough so that everything that will get vacuumed up later will be wet, otherwise dust will get in the motors and WILL NEED TO BE REPLACED.
  • 10) If the whole carpet has been sprayed, switch the remaining two switches on. A switch for every motor. Start pressing the tool against the carpet, push in the opposite direction of the binding of the carpet in order to get into the hidden spaces, and pull back to flatten it out. Do this over and over across the entire carpet, repeating a spot several times before moving on.
  • 11) Watch the water-level. If it gets too high, do not let it flood over to the shallow hole. Switch the motors off and drain the machine via the drain-valve on the side.
  • 12) If the shallow hole got flooded, the machine would instantly shut down and will not work until the hole has been cleaned and dried thoroughly.
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