Potato Peeler “Anvil” – 12Kg With Timer PPA1012

R 18,885.30


  • Potato Peeler “Anvil” – 12Kg With Timer
  • OutPut: up to 240kg/ hr
  • Voltage : 230v-50hz
  • Power : 0.55kw
  • Dimensions : 780x420x1450mm
  • stand and sludge trap supplied as standard
  • easily prepare chips
  • flat packed for easy delivery
  • peels 12kg potatoes in 2 min
  • potato ejection chute specially designed to ensure minimal damage to potatoes
  • splash guard fitted onto motor to ensure damage due to water penetration
  • removable gritting system
  •  rubber lid to minimize vibrations noise 
  •  WDA6

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