0.37KW Borehole Pump With Control Box PUMP401-13

R 4,930


  • 0.37KW Borehole Pump With Control Box
  • Applications For water supply from wells or reservoirs
  • For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications
  • For garden use and irrigation.
  • Operating Conditions: Maximum fluid temperature up to +35℃
  • Maximum sand content:0.25% 2SD
  • Minimum well diameter:2″ 2.5SD
  • Minimum well diameter:2.5″
  • Motor and Pump: Rewindable motor
  • Single-phase:220-240V/50Hz
  • Equip with start control box or digital auto-control box.
  • Pumps are designed by casing stressed Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906
  • WDA47

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