WE DO ALL is a South African online & physical company based in Pretoria that has been supplying refrigeration & catering equipment to the wholesale & retail market since 1990.

WE DO ALL also provides maintenance and backup services, as is necessary for bakeries, butcheries, supermarkets and industrial kitchens.



 *Bakery Equipment        *Butchery Equipment                    *Catering Equipment

*Heating Equipment       *Refrigeration Equipment            *Storage & Handling

*Processing Equipment    *Scales& Weighing Equipment        *Gas Equipment

*Dry Goods& Accessories             *House Appliances      *Outdoor Equipment

*Cleaning Chemical Equipment          *Tables & Sinks                

*Spare Parts & Accessories                *Utilities & Smalls 

*Coffee Machines & Accessories       *Gadgets & Accessories

*Extraction Systems & HVAC       *Water Tech          *Labour & Installation




 *Hotels       *Supermarkets         *Spaza Shops            *Franchises

*Convenience Stores              *Pubs                      *Nightclubs

*Restaurants                      *Bakeries         *Butcheries    *Mess Halls/Staff   Kitchens



WE DO ALL strives to provide high-quality products and service to all our customers whilst increasing productivity & lowering operational costs.



WE DO ALL offers after-sales service and warranty to our valued customers in the event of something going wrong.


Meet the Team

We will help you plan and provide all relevant equipment in a fast & professional manner. WE DO ALL is a one-stop-shop for all your catering needs.



        Nick Founder                                       Janine Financial Manager



        Sanet  Sales                                                   Ester  Sales



  Andile Web Administrator                              

             Technical Staff L-R: Spencer, Beatrice, Godwin & Eli