Used Catering Equipment from WeDoAll may work perfectly for your budget

Used Catering Equipment from WeDoAll may work perfectly for your budget

In a tight economy, being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever and nowhere is it more applicable than the hospitality industry that has been particularly hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent government-sanctioned lockdowns. 

Upgrading or investing in catering equipment in the midst of a financial crunch is possible. That is why used goods are an option at WeDoAll if you are searching for quality catering equipment on a tight budget. 

WeDoAll has been offering a rich diversity of wholesale hospitality equipment for more than 30 years and is able to fulfil the needs of small- to commercial-sized kitchens, including the retail sector, on a shoestring budget.


Our used catering equipment section offers a selection of bakery, butchery, heating, refrigeration and catering equipment that includes, but are not limited to:

  • Conveyor toaster
  • Meat Mincer
  • Rotisserie chicken griller oven
  • Milkshake machine
  • Commercial deep fryer

When investing in used catering equipment, you want the peace of mind of knowing that the item is backed by great aftersales support and servicing of your equipment, which Wedoall offers even on used equipment sales. You are welcome to enquire with our sales team to confirm what used items are available or to put in a request for a specific used item to be sourced if it is not available. In an effort to uphold our commitment to customer service excellence you are assured that we will always do our very best to source quality used items that you may need. 

Another handy option for those who are shopping for catering equipment on a tight budget, is our cost-saving, combo deals that comprise of a few pieces of equipment and accessories that are generally related to a specific task and are offered at a competitive price. Our bakery combos are a prime example, offering all the equipment you would need to bake bread in 20, 40 and 60 loaf increments that includes everything from the oven, bread pans, prover and mixer to the scale. These combos are exceptionally handy for start-ups in the industry as it affords the buyer the opportunity to obtain every item needed to perform a specific task on a pre-defined scale. 

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