Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree

Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree

Let's help you add elegant tableware for your next dinner party.
Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree

Whether your interest in beautiful tableware is for everyday use or for the hospitality industry, we’ve compiled a guide for purchasing tableware with famous quality brands that are available at a click of a button.


Bowls come in different shapes and are for different uses such as a Churchill Stonecast- Duck Egg Blue triangle bowl at 15.3cm, which can be used to dish delicious dessert.

Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree
(click image)Churchill Stonecast- Duck Egg Blue Triangle Bowl


You can of course never go wrong with plain white plates, whether square or round like the Luzerne Olive Range which is sophisticated and super white or play around with colour from the Luzerne Navy Blue Knit Range.

Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree

(click image) Luzerne Olive Range

Cups & Mugs

Have a look at our  Churchills Stonecast Barley White cappuccino cups, saucers, mugs and teapots or the Fortis Hotelware Italia cups.

 Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree

Fortis Hotelware Italia Cups


Cutlery is a personal choice, it has to fit right in the hand, be functional, and be designed for different catering needs, eg: fish knives, pastry forks, soup ladles, espresso spoons or cake lifters and a whole lot more under the Pintitox range of cutlery and serving utensils.   

Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree

Pintitox range


Elegant and practical in glassware is what we are all after. With brands like Bormioli Rocco glassware - meticulously designed with the finest natural resources to create superior glass that is laser cut, has reduced thickness, is easy for stacking and other finer details that are a plus whether you are on the look-out for flutes, whiskey or wine glasses.

Tableware Styling For Your Next Soiree

Bormioli Rocco glassware


Texture, colour and shape of  the kind of tableware you use is your choice, check out more of our trendy varied tableware ranges here.


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