Practising Cleanliness In Your Catering Business.

Practising Cleanliness In Your Catering Business.

"Cleaning & Organising is a PRACTICE, not a project."

Keeping equipment is critical for a food business as you do not want to serve the customers contaminated food. The success of a catering business sorely depends on the quality of food that you are offering and the cleanliness of the equipment you use to prepare food and a place of business. Especially the kitchen because it is the center of food service business so make sure that it is thoroughly clean.

It helps to constantly clean your catering equipment. If you are not careful, the dirt and grime can easily build up in a commercial kitchen affecting the quality of food and efficiency of the equipment.

We have some tips that can help to keep the kitchen clean.

Cleaning the Surfaces:

Practising Cleanliness In Your Catering Business.

Certain things in the kitchen need to be cleaned every day. The counter surfaces you to prepare food should also be cleaned after every use.

You should also wash utensils after every use so that there is no chance of contamination as you use them again for preparing food. Remember that these things should not be cleaned with harsh or harmful chemicals as they can contaminate the food.

We have multipurpose cleaning agents you can use for surface cleaning here. Don't forget to protect your hands with gloves, disposable gloves will do the job. 

Keeping the Sink Clean:

Practising Cleanliness In Your Catering Business. 

The sink is used throughout the food preparation, in catering business this means from opening to closing, so it is important that you keep it clean. The kitchen sink can quickly become full of germs if you are not careful as it is regularly exposed to the kitchen waste and dirt. To keep the sink clean you should use a multi-purpose cleaner along with the disinfectant and the skin will stay free of germs. Oil, bits of food and grease can block the sink so cleaning it every day will make sure that it does not become clogged.

The Dishwasher:

Practising Cleanliness In Your Catering Business.

In case you out-in to go for a dishwasher to wash dishes, then you need to make sure that the dishes you are using are properly sanitized you need to make sure that the dishwasher you are using is properly cleaned. Use a multipurpose cleaner to clean it thoroughly on the outside.

It should be scrubbed by using a non-abrasive sponge and wipe it down with a damp cloth. After every cleaning cycle, you should leave the door open for about ten to fifteen minutes so that the humidity is reduced and its interior is clean. If you are running a bar, then you should use glass washers for pubs to make sure that the glasses are clean as well.

Cleaning the Ovens:

Practising Cleanliness In Your Catering Business.


Probably one of the items a catering business can't run without. In this case, ovens should be cleaned constantly so that it can function efficiently. From the installation, you should make sure there is proper ventilation around your ovens. While cleaning the oven, you should put paper towels underneath for dripping chemicals during cleaning. If the cleaning chemicals drip on the floor, it will create more mess. The oven shelves should be cleaned separately.

The Refrigerators:

Practising Cleanliness In Your Catering Business.

The refrigerators also need regular maintenance to function efficiently and keeping the food safe. Clean the interior once a week at least so you can get rid of any spillage or debris that may have accumulated in the refrigerator. You should also clean the filters and condenser coils once a month.

We the article helps you on how to cleaning equipment for efficiency.

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