Mineral Water Pot 24L

Mineral Water Pot 24L

At Wedoall, we provide a mineral water pot designed to use the traditional method of purifying contaminated water. The method used by our mineral water pot enables it to remove poisoners substances that can cause complications within a human body. One of our mineral water pot (highly demanded by our clients) is a 14L Mineral water pot. The 14L mineral water pot applies an 8 step water filtration system which results in a crystal clear mineral water. The features and functions of a mineral water pot: Step 1 Feature: Ceramic Filter Function: The main function of a ceramic filter is to remove particles and bacteria contained in the water.

Step 2 Feature: Active Carbon and Silver Activated Carbon Function: On this phase; chlorine, THS and organic chemicals are removed along with the bad smell discharged by the water.

Step 3 Feature: WSM – 300 Function: The WSM- 300 prevents the (PH) Storage tank from re-population by enabling the material to dissolve any type of bacteria in the water.

Step 4 Feature: Silica Sand Function: Acidic components are removed effectively.

Step 5 Feature: Zeolite Function: Zeolite prevents our bodies from accumulating heavy metals such as gold, silver and lead mercury by removing them during the 5th stage of the water filtration system.

Step 6 Feature: Mineral Sand Function: Minerals are released by the mineral sand which helps restore the PH balance of the body fluid.

Step 7 Feature: Water Tap with Magnet Function: The magnetic zed water has free moving molecules which promotes vitality for the human body.

Step 8 Feature: Mineral Stone Function: The mineral stone houses the germaniums which promotes health and prevents cancer.

The functions and features contained in a mineral water pot have the ability to turn regular water into mineral water and this process doesn’t require any use of electricity.

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