Flow Fans, Impellers, Silencers

Flow Fans , Impellers , Silencers

For a full range of our high efficiency extraction fans.  All motors used are 1400rpm providing the perfect balance of durability and efficiency.  Tested results prove such motors to have higher volume output using our in-house impellers compared to other manufacturers using 2800rpm motors.

Working examples

500ø 0.55kw 2800rpm (1.4m3/sec) vs 400ø 0.18kw 1400rpm (1.6m3/sec)

500ø 3.0kw 2800rpm (4.2m3/sec) vs 560ø 1.5kw 1400rpm (4.4m3/sec)

As seen above, motors rated at 1400rpm achieve greater efficiency at lower kW ratings thereby saving on overall electrical costs.  Such savings are imperative in regions where power output is both erratic and minimal.  Saving power on the grid therefor comes as a natural benefit in selecting our highly efficient fans.


All in 44 degree pitch from 6 blade to 10 blade.

Cost effective nylon polypropylene available up to 560ø (6 blade only).

6-8 blade available in aluminium as standard from 560ø to 900ø.

10 blade available in 800ø but can be cut down to a minimum of 630ø.

Impellers are manufactured locally, thereby reducing overall cost.


Podded and standard silencers are manufactured in 1.5D and have a noise reduction benefit of 8% and 11% on podded.

Sonic liner may be added for inlet air silencers so as to reduce risk of fibreglass entering clean air environments.  Such sonic liner is heat resistant as is the sound attenuating fibreglass used… to a temperature of 450˚C.

Although our standard product is comparable to other manufacturers’ 2D silencers in performance, such can be manufactured on special request.  

Fan in silencers manufactured up to 560ø.

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