Equipment Repairs @ WE DO ALL

Equipment Repairs @ WE DO ALL

WE DO ALL provides maintenance and backup services, as is necessary for bakeries, butcheries, supermarkets and industrial kitchens.

We understand that any business, small or large needs functioning machinery in order to make profit.

If something goes wrong, let WeDoAll’s qualified technicians help repair your machines.

We fix, install & maintain equipment at a fair price.

Equipment Repairs @ We Do All

How to bring in your machine:

  1. Bring your broken equipment to our store if possible, based in Pretoria West on 229 Court Street.

If you cannot bring it in, we charge a call out fee of R380 in the Pretoria area. If you are based outside of Pretoria, the call out fee price varies.

  1. We charge a standard R280 booking fee.
  2. Our technicians will test your equipment to see what the problem could be. Once they know the problem, we will know how much to charge you.
  3. We Do All will either call, SMS or email you alerting you of how much the repairs for your machine will cost.
  4. Once your equipment has been serviced & payment has been made, we will call to let you know to come collect.

It is important to bring in your machines in for servicing before it completely breaks down, that way you avoid further damage.


If your machine is still under the 6- or 12-months guarantee, We Do All will send it to the supplier for repairs.

We hope this article has been helpful, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or calling us on 087 34 35 134.

Click the FAQ page for more understanding on any questions you might have. 

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