Combo Deals that Support SMEs

Combo Deals that Support SMEs

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) and informal sector traders remain the lifeblood of South Africa’s economy; and as SMEs start to emerge from the harsh realities that stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic, hope shimmers on the horizon.

Starting a new business venture is a challenging undertaking, especially in the hospitality and catering industry that is synonymous with steep financial investment at the onset of business activities. It is for this reason that WeDoAll, a hospitality equipment wholesaler, offers affordable combo deals on essential items.

WeDoAll’s selection of cost-saving, combo deals comprise of a few pieces of equipment and accessories that are generally related to a specific task. Our bakery combos are a prime example, offering all the equipment you would need to bake bread in 20, 40 and 60 loaf increments that includes everything from the oven, bread pans, prover and mixer to the scale. These combos are exceptionally handy for start-ups in the industry as it affords the buyer the opportunity to obtain every item needed to perform a specific task on a pre-defined scale. 


Our combo-deal selection includes 15 options that come in various sizes to suit your specific needs. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Chips on the go combo 
  • Loaf bakery combo 
  • Ice making machine combo 
  • Merry go round combo 
  • Fast food combo
  • Butchery combo

WeDoAll has been offering a rich diversity of wholesale hospitality equipment for more than 30 years and is able to fulfil the needs of small- to commercial-sized kitchens, including the retail sector.

Large-scale equipment generally requires installation by professionals in the field, to ensure that the equipment is functioning at an optimum level. This is a service that is offered by Wedoall and extends to aftersales support and servicing of your equipment, so you are not left in the lurch in the event of something going wrong. We know that your profit margin is linked to your ability to keep production going and that is why the level at which your equipment operates is important to us. 

Our flexible payment options are ideally suited to small businesses that are starting its journey in the hospitality and catering industry. If you see anything online that your business may need, the team will check availability before the order is processed. Your order can be shipped to any location at a fee – countrywide - or you can opt to collect your equipment from our store in Pretoria West. Our payment options include card payment by means of Payflex or EFT payments.

Please visit our website to view our combo options and used equipment that is currently available at or contact our team on+27 87 353 4234.

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