Catering and Heating Equipment essentials available from WeDoAll

Catering and Heating Equipment essentials available from WeDoAll

Knowing where to source good quality, cost effective catering and heating equipment essentials, accessories and spares gives independent food vendors and small business start-ups a good start.

WeDoAll has an extensive range available for all sorts of catering businesses. We can help you stock all your essential equipment, whether a butchery, bakery, takeaway outlet, mobile kitchen, restaurant, food franchisee or even a lodge, hotel or resort. All our products are also suitable for individual purchases. We also offer a wide range of cost cutting combo deals for your start up, retail outlet or large hospitality and food service establishment.

Not only do we offer the supply and sale of any kind of catering and heating equipment you may need, we also offer installation, aftersales support, servicing and spare part accessories.

WeDoAll delivers and installs all equipment if required and offers aftersales support and servicing with a full range of accessories and spares available for catering and heating equipment.

Installation of some of our equipment, requires the assistance of a professional. WeDoAll will happily assist you install your equipment by the right professional for the job. 

We will also provide you with manuals and training on how each of our equipment items work, to avoid any possible misuse and breakage.

Should your catering and heating equipment break, we will happily assist with the repair. Call us anytime to send someone to your premises for all your repair needs.

We also stock a range of Catering Equipment Spares, so that if any part of your equipment is broken or lost, we can quickly replace or repair the piece of equipment for you.

Spare parts and accessories for hospitality and catering equipment and machinery are available as well as other miscellaneous essential items.

Warranties are available per purchase per category from 3 months to 12 months as indicated at the time of purchase. All invoices or related paperwork to purchases should be kept on file for efficient management of any returns, replacements, or servicing by WeDoAll.

For a full list and more information on all the spare parts and accessories available on our website click on the links below.

  • Bakery equipment spares
  • Butchery equipment spares
  • Catering Equipment spares
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cleaning equipment spares
  • Electric motors
  • Gas spares
  • Heating equipment spares
  • General spares
  • Refrigeration equipment spares
  • Scales, weighing & cash register spares

WeDoAll has a large selection of catering and heating equipment essentials available. View our extensive range below:

To find out more about each product listed below, for all our catering and heating equipment, please click through the link to our website. A detailed description of each product is available with a picture for you to select the most suitable option for your business. Stock availability will be checked and confirmed by one of our team members. 

WeDoAll offers for sale, the following in our catering and heating equipment category:

Over and above the physical equipment, we can also assist you and your business with Chef Uniforms and Accessories.

WeDoAll takes pride in assisting catering and hospitality businesses all over South Africa with our extensive product range. Should you want to start your own catering or hospitality business, we can assist you with the following:

  • Mobile Kitchens and which equipment you will need to install, to ensure your operations run smoothly and become profitable
  • Bakery Combos: Various options available to suit your preferred bakery size and operations
  • Butchery Combos: Various options available to suit your preferred butchery size and operation
  • Chip Combo for mobile kitchens, restaurants & more.
  • Ice Maker Combos for small, medium or large ice-making production
  • Merry Go Round Combo which includes ice-cream machines, slush-puppy machines, cotton candy, and popcorn machines.

For any kind of catering & heating equipment needs, be sure to give WeDoAll a visit online or in-store.

WeDoAll’s Catering & Heating Equipment payment options

Flexible payment options are available to help buyers invest in new catering or heating equipment or to upgrade their hospitality equipment requirements. The flexible payment options are for your convenience, so if you see anything on our website that you or your business may need, the team will check availability before the order is processed. Your order can be shipped to any location at a fee – countrywide - or you can opt to collect your equipment from our store in Pretoria West. Our payment options include card payments using PayFlex or EFT payments.

Need Dry Goods and accessories for your catering and hospitality business?

WeDoAll have an extensive range of dry goods and accessories available for purchase online or direct from the showroom in Pretoria, Gauteng, that gives you everything in one place.

This range of accessories are specifically for chocolate fountains, soft serve ice cream & frozen yoghurt machines and included are accessories and flavour syrups and cones. We also have spices and mixes for milkshakes, popcorn , candyfloss, and slushies. 

Stainless steel milkshake cups and jugs, different size plastic cups and lids, agitators, straws, wooden skewer sticks, plastic candyfloss sticks, stainless steel candyfloss spoons, sugar cone moulds and mixes, ice-cream cone holders, scoops and dishers, brown bags, spice shakers. Assorted rotating cone holders, led display cones and plastic dummy sugar cones are also available.

There is also a large variety of skewers available, melting chocolate and waffle, pancake and doughnut mix too. There is so much to choose from in flavours: from Bubble-gum, Raspberry, Grape, Cherry, Cream soda, and Strawberry to Lemon & Lime and Apple sours. 

So whether you are looking for catering & heating equipment or dry goods to produce various foods and drinks, with your equipment, we have you covered!

Visit us online at and browse our extensive range of products available for sale.

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