Buying an Ice Machine Guide

Buying an Ice Machine Guide

Consistency is what you should expect when purchasing ice-makers to make the perfect ice-cubes.

Is your need for an ice maker for business purposes or is it for domestic use?

There are different types of ice makers we have in stock that make the following shapes of ice:

Bullet Ice

Bullet ice cubes are produced faster & are the most versatile ice shape available. Bullets can be used for keeping food fresh in a chill display & bullet ice cubes are easier to blend.

Buying An Ice Machine Guide

Flake Ice

This ice can be used as a cool bed around fish in a chilled display or used to make cocktails or smoothies because they are easy to use & don’t need to be crushed.

 Buying An Ice Machine Guide


Cubes (half or full) take longer to melt, for that reason, these are used to keep drinks cool for longer at establishments like restaurants, bars, markets or pubs.


 Buying An Ice Machine Guide 


You also have to consider the amount of ice you will need when purchasing an ice maker. Every item on our website has product specifications that are helpful.

Placing your ice maker in an easily accessible space will help save wastage & time.

If you have any queries before buying an ice maker or any other product, please don’t hesitate to call us on 087 35 34 134.


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