Butchery Equipment Combo Special

Butchery Equipment Combo Special

Are you interested in the meat industry? If yes, here is an equipment combo list we've compiled for a large butchery business. 

 A butchery is big business for anybody venturing in this meat industry. Our combo is priced at a special amount to help you get started. 

Butchery Equipment Combo Special

1. Bandsaw Industrial 220V 112 Blade BNSW220

2. Sausage Filler CV-10

3. Mincer TK 32

4. Patty Press JKH-100/130

5. Biltong Slicer BSB2001

6. Wrapping Machine HWM-430

7. Vacuum Machine DZ400A

8. Meat Deli 2.4 MD2.4

9. Freezer Glass top VL525

10. Cold Room 2.4X2.4X2.4 with 2 Meat Trails Installed 50 km Radius

11. Splash Back Table 1700mm Mild Steel Legs Econo 9000 SDTA900407

12. Sink Double Bowl Center Mild Steel Legs 1600mm Econo 9000 SDSN901007


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