The Best Deep Fryers

The Best Deep Fryers

There happens to be a scientific reason why people love fried food but we are not getting into that right now. What we care about is that, it is a popular cooking method & people are eager to order fried food.

Gas deep fryers are cheaper to use in the long run & are known to heat oil faster than electric fryers. Electric fryers use electricity & come with an additional heat control system.

 The Best Deep Fryers 

WeDoAll supplies both gas & electric fryers, what you need to consider is the output of the fryer you seek.It is important to read item specifications before purchasing. 

The Best Deep Fryers 

Have the following in mind:

  1. You will need a deep fryer that suits your capacity needs. Are you expecting to make food for a large number of people? Is it for a spaza or restaurant? Do you need a double or a single deep fryer?
  2. Does the fryer have an adjustable temperature setting or plug ins?
  3. How high do you want the power to be? What will you be making? Your fryer will need a powerful heating element.
  4. Check if the fryer you want has a non-stick interior for easier cleaning & if the baskets are stainless steel.
  5. Do you need double or single deep fryers? A table top or floor standing? How much space do you have in your kitchen?
  6. Operating Costs: which one of the two will be more costly,gas or electricity where you are located? Also consider the cost of oil and how much of it you will need per frying session and how many times that oil will be reused.
  7. Will your supplier provide you with an oil drain bin to get rid of grease easily?


Whether electric or gas, your deep fryer needs to be cleaned every day. Clean the interior & exterior thoroughly, including the baskets. 

Clean it after an oil change. Deep clean after 3 to 6 months. If you cannot do this yourself, get a professional to inspect your deep fryer.

WeDoAll provides good quality deep fryers. Call us on 087 34 35 134, chat to us from our website or email for sales support.

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