UV Sterilisation Light Plus Ozone NW-UV20

R 412


  • Double sterilization UV and ozone
  • One of the most effective
  • means of sterilisation
  • This model have a quartz lamp
  • producing two frequency of bands:
  • 1. 253 band is producing ultraviolet light
  • 2. 185 band is producing ozones.
  • the frequency 185 bands collides
  • with O2 in the air, and effectively
  • produces O3 (ozone). when the virus
  • meets the O3, it is destroyed.
  • 99.9% effective over 20m2
  • Also use in car to sterilise
  • Technical specs: 2.5W
  • Rechargeable battery 800mah lithium
  • Using time 100 minutes
  • Tube : deoxidised quartz with ozone
  • Touch control USB charging
  • Size of unit 55x45x155

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