Pudding / Soup Bowl Polycarbonate – 350Ml PSB0350

R 41.90


  • Our new Global range of polycarbonate dinnerware is scratch resistant, tough, hygienic and virtually unbreakable. Revitalise your kitchen with this high gloss
    dinnerware. This tableware range is superior to melamine products in design, function and value. It is both affordable and practical whilst meeting the
    consumers requirements.

    * Beautiful and functional design
    * Superior mirror finish, colour density and quality feeling similar to fine bone china
    * The surface is more stain-resistant than melamine, as melamine is slightly porous and can absorb stains
    * Suitable for correctional services, hospitals and canteens
    * Global?s super-tough polycarbonate dinnerware is durable, microwave friendly, scratch resistant and impact resistant
    * Dishwasher safe
    * The range stacks securely and efficiently for transportation and for storage
    * The plates and bowls all conform to industrial standards for the health care sector ensuring correct portioning size of meals

    Personalised branding (logos etc.) as well as a range of various colours available on request

  • WDA6

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