Combination Sink 1600mm Mild Steel Legs SDSN9027O7

R 4,746


Combination Sink Mild Steel Legs 1600mm ECONO 9000 SDSN9027O7

1600 x 610 x 900 mm

  • The top manufactured from 0.9mm 430 stainless steel
  • The top has a 35 mm boxed edge with 50 mm turndown and return 10 mm
  • The rear shall have a 150 mm vertical splash back with a 20 mm return and a 10 mm turn down
  • Angle iron frame work Epoxy coated
  • 42 x 2 Mild steel legs
  • 1 x 30mm Mild steel flat bars are welded to legs at 250 mm to accommodate shelf
  • Corner gussets are fitted with 48mm tubing and m10 bolt to removable legs
  • 16600mm
  • pack size : 1600x610x900mm

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