BandSaw B/Quip – Floor Stand Mild Steel Single Phase 230 Volt BSB5001

R 54,724


Bandsaw Mild Steel Butcherquip Floor Standing Singe Phase BSB5001
  • Food safe 304 stainless steel for food contact points
  • Easy slide system a smooth moving table reduces effort and increases productivity
  • Easy Cleaning all parts are removable for easy cleaning
  • All work surfaces that touch food are stainless steel
  • Heavy base with leveling feet
  • Cast iron saw wheels
  • Metal guides support blades
  • Tension scraper assemblies keeps blades free from debris
  • Spring loaded blade tensioning system
  • SABS complaint 
  • Safety Features
  • Brake motor fitted to ensure the blade stops immediately when units is switched off or doors are opened
  • Brake motor will stop automatically when doors are opened  
  • Product Specifications
  • Power:1.5kW
  • Voltage:230v 50hz-Single Phase.
  • Dimensions:855x870x1800mm
  • Blade:2845x16mm(112")
  • Weight:220Kg

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