20 Loaf Bakery Package BC20L

R 50,000


20 Loaf Bakery Package

1 Single Deck with 3 Pan Oven YXD-30C

  • A 5-hour baking session will produce 200 fresh loaves of bread.
  • If baking for 2 hours, you will produce 280 bread rolls.
  • The oven can also be used to bake muffins, sweet cakes & gourmet cooking such as chicken, etc.

2.X 8 Bread Pan 5 Division Standard BO5 with Lids

  • The single deck with 3 pan oven takes 8 bread pans standard with 5 divisions.

3.Prover Single Door HT-15B
4.Spiral Mixer H20 (Dough Mixer)
5.Planetary Mixer B20 (Cake Mixer)
6.Table Stainless Steel 1.7m PKPSSTMSL1700
7.Scale 40kg Bench SKYPC40

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