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Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Towel Dispenser with Lock TD228L |
Paper Towel Dispenser with Lock TD228L Thickness: 0.8mm With Lock Dimensions: 290mm x 100mm x 100mm Packaging: 300mm x 110mm x 370mm NW: 1.80kg G.W:...
Paper Towel Dispenser TD-1208L |
Paper Towel Dispenser TD-1208L Thickness: 0.7mm With Lock Dimensions: 260mm x 110mm x 260mm Packaging: 270mm x 130mm x 270mm NW: 1.15kg G.W: 1.35kg Satin...
Paper Towel Dispenser Mini TD-07 Thickness: 0.6mm Dimensions: 190mm x 80mm x 260mm Packaging: 195mm x 90mm x 270mm NW: 0.80kg G.W: 0.90kg Satin Finish...