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Ice Shaver, Ice Crusher ,ET-400G | ice crusher shaver |
Ice Shaver, Ice Crusher ,ET-400G Power Supply: 220Volt /50hz Power: 0.30Kw Dimensions: 205mm x 385mm x 280mm Packing Dimensions: 430mm x 210mm x 310mm Output:...
Ice Crusher WF-A188 | ice crusher shaver |
R 2,799.00
R 2,799.00 + VAT
Ice Crusher WF-A188 Power Supply: 220V/50Hz Power: 0.3Kw Dimensions: 290mm x 375mm x 550mm Packing Dimensions: 445mm x 340mm x 600mm Output: 200Kg/h Rotation Speed:...
ICE SHAVER ELECTRIC AVENIA - ECONO ICH0945 | ice crusher shaver |
Ice Shaver Electric – Econo Avenia ICH0945 ] Power: 0.30kW, 220V, 50Hz Dimensions: 700 × 160 × 245mm Weight: 12.9kg MAKES PERFECT SHAVED ICE
Ice Crusher WF-A168 | ice crusher shaver |
R 2,299.00
R 2,299.00 + VAT
Ice Crusher WF-A168 Power Supply: 220V/50Hz Power: 0.25Kw Dimensions: 290mm x 375mm x 435mm Packing Dimensions: 425mm x 335mm x 500mm Output: 120Kg/h Rotation Speed:...
Ice Crusher / Shaver ET-200 | ice crusher shaver |
R 1,895.00 + VAT
Ice Shaver, Ice Crusher, 110kg/h Output, ET-200 Power Supply: 220Volt /50hz Power: 0.2Kw Dimensions: 235mm x 280mm x 320mm Packing Dimensions: 390mm x 260mm x...
Ice Crusher – Hand Global  ICH0001 | ice crusher shaver |
Ice Crusher – Hand Global ICH0001 ideal for bars and restaurants where crushed ice is required in small quantities easy to use 
ICE CRUSHER ELECTRIC - DELUX  ICH1001 | ice crusher shaver |
Ice Crusher Electric – Delux Crystal ICH1001 Power: 0.65kW, 230V, 50-60Hz Dimensions: 200 × 230 × 300mm Weight: 5.6kg – BOWL OPTIONAL EXTRA adjustable height ...