Ultrafiltration Process

UF Ultrafiltration Introduction UF and RO (NF) are all pressure-driven membrane separation process. UF filter media is UF membrane, configured as flat type, tubular type and hollow fiber type. UF process is the separation process in relation with pore size, and the pore size is between RO (NF) and MF (0.001-0.1μm),that is to say UF process the separation from big molecules to small molecules. In short, ions and small molecules, dissolved in the raw water, permeate to be the UF permeate, while particles larger than the membrane pore size are concentrated as concentrate, such as big protein molecules, microorganism, colloid, suspending substance etc.

Installation & Usage In systems having multiple modules, the modules are installed vertically and parallel to one another. The feed water inlet is located at the bottom. For smaller installation, the modules are divided into two groups, A and B for the ease of backwash. Using a single backwash pump, permeate from group A will be used to backwash group B modules and vice versa. For larger installations, a pressure protection device is installed. This prevents the sudden rise in water pressure which may damage the membranes.

Ultrafiltration System Applications

  • • Drinking Water Filtration
  • • Storm Water Recycling
  • • RO Pre-Treatment
  • • Sea Water Filtration
  • • Food Industry (Milk, Whey, Apple Juice..etc.)
  • • Reuse of Municipal & Industry Waste Water

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