Our range of stainless steel tables and stainless steel workbenches are designed to help you create practical, durable and reliable kitchen workspace, perfect for creating hygienic food preparation areas. The stainless steel construction gives these tables the strength needed to withstand daily use in demanding and fast-paced commercial kitchens. As well as making them extremely easy to clean, helping you to maintain a germ-free kitchen environment with ease. From 1.2m tables to 1.8m tables to plash back or plain, you’re sure to find the perfect table to suit your kitchen from our extensive selection.

Tables with Splashback

Maintain maximum hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen with our range of stainless steel kitchen tables with splashbacks, preventing your walls from becoming dirtied and stained.

Plain Tables

Perfect for use in commercial kitchens and food preparation areas. our range of commercial kitchen tables without splashbacks are great for creating food prep areas that can be accessed from any side saving you space.

Table Shelves

Save money on additional shelving with these table shelves which are easily fitted to your Chrome Cater table.

PlainSinksSplashbackStainless steelTables

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