Exciting Festival Food Machines

Exciting Festival Food Machines

Regardless of your venue where you will be selling candy floss, slush puppies, popcorn, corn dogs or spiral potatoes is; our machines make novelty snacks that will put money in your pocket.

Candy Floss Machine

Candy floss machines make a delicious huge spun of cotton dessert that comes in different flavours and packaged in clear plastics. Best part about this machine is that you don’t have to break the bank to invest in one. Click here for skewers & flavour mix. 

 Slush Puppy Machine

This machine doesn’t only make slush puppies, it can also make lemonade, smoothies, iced coffee, cappuccino & cocktails. You'll obviously have to assess the crowd of the event you’ll be selling frozen drinks at, for instance; if it’s a kid’s event - stick to slush puppies, lemonade & smoothies and rather make the adult drinks for a grown folk event. 

 Popcorn Machine

We doubt that the wave of popcorn will ever die out, especially considering that it is a healthier choice of a snack. Popcorn sells anywhere, maybe add a chocolate flavour option for fun.  

Corn Dog Maker

Exciting Festival Food Machines

A hot dog on a stick made with corn butter then fried is a great savory snack to sell at festivals, fairs or serve at a party with dip. Click here for mix.

 Exciting Festival Food Machines


Spiral Potato Cutter

Most popular and a major seller at events. All you need are potatoes, spices, sauces & a spiral Potato Cutter. A positive add on about this machine is that it spirals just about any raw vegetable. Be creative and make money.

Exciting Festival Food Machines 

Keep in mind that these machines don’t only have to be used at festivals or huge events. Place yourself in a busy area like malls, schools or markets, there are lots of venues to choose from.

Whatever you decide to sell, make sure you have permission at the venue & the correct license to operate.

Call us 087 35 34 134 or order on this website for any of the items advertised.


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