Essential COVID-19 Equipment

Essential COVID-19 Equipment

In the rush to get everything operational and compliant with COVID-19 protocols, many organisations are now taking the time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, in addition to deciding what aspects of our new normal is worth taking into the future.

One such aspect is the safety precautions organisations had to adopt to remain compliant with government regulations, such as the incorporation of sanitation stations, the use of gloves and masks and a host of other aspects. While some of these measures were not perhaps foreign to the hospitality industry, widespread implementation in office settings and in public spaces such as shopping malls were. And while it proved to be a culture shock at the inception of the pandemic, many are of the opinion that the sanitation aspect of it ought to stay.


COVID-19 Equipment For Sale At WeDoAll

Whatever your view of the matter may be, it remains fundamental to have a trusted name such as WeDoAll on your side, that is able to assist with all your COVID-19 equipment requirements for efficient management of staff and adhering to correct protocols. WeDoAll offers a comprehensive range of superior quality Covid-19 prevention equipment and accessories that are available direct or online. The range includes, but is not limited to:

Environmental cleaning and disinfection outside of healthcare facilities in public spaces such as shopping centres, schools, offices and churches remain an ongoing process. The use of no-touch technologies has been widely adopted in addition to spraying with a combination of chemicals and adhering to the correct contact times for maximum efficacy. Adequate ventilation is also key.

It largely boils down to a structured and efficient cleaning regime in public interface buildings and the use of personal safety measures such as masks and gloves to aid efforts in containing the spread of the virus.

WeDoAll offers flexible payment options for your convenience. If you see anything online that your business may need, the team will check availability before the order is processed. Your order can be shipped to any location at a fee – countrywide - or you can opt to collect your equipment from our store in Pretoria West. Our payment options include card payment using Payflex or EFT payments.

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